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Bigfoot… to be feared or loved? … that is the question.

Fear is one of the two most powerful emotions humans battle with.

The other is Love, by which I mean acceptance.

EVERY choice one faces, when confronted with an animal much larger than ourselves (human or otherwise) comes down to just these two.

How we choose to react in any given moment is either a result of fear or acceptance.

All fears are driven by something deeper, stronger, more primal… ultimately, after you trace them down they all dissolve away into one primal fear… the fear of Death.

The ancient warriors lived on the split-second edge of death.

They knew fear was an illusion, an imagining from a possible future that distracted from the present moment.

They knew to react in battle with fear was to blind yourself to the moment… and die.

But that by living in the constant acceptance of your death you would be open to the moment and react faster, because you were not in panic with your mind occupied by a vision of a possible future.

They knew the only thing to fear was fear itself. Overcome the illusion of its spectre and you truly live.

Nobody knows when their end is near, you could die tomorrow, or next year.

So why worry about when or how it comes?

Why fear that which one can do nothing about?

Nowhere is this more evident than with Bigfoot encounters.

Practically every encounter one hears of is a fearful one, sometimes the witness even breaks down during the telling of it, such was the trauma.

Yet, also in practically every encounter the witness will acknowledge, if asked, that the ‘monster’ could have gotten them if it willed it… yet it did not, for here they are telling their story.

It is easy from afar of course, listening or reading from the safety of our technology. We know the ‘monster’ did not get them… they in the moment, did not.

Put yourself in their position.

You have the same choice they did, Fear or Acceptance.

You know if it wants you there is nothing you can do, so why waste possibly the last minutes of your life stressing out about it?

Let us explore the possibilities, here from the safety of your screen…

Let’s say you choose fear and either tried to shoot it or run.

...The former would give it cause to attack you, the latter to chase you.

If it wanted you and you ran, the movement would just trigger its prey drive and ensure the hastening of your demise. If it didn’t want you, you have just ran away from the opportunity to experience the moment.

The worse that could happen in this scenario?


The best that could happen?

Missing the Opportunity of a lifetime.

But what if you choose Acceptance over Fear?

Without any judgement of an unknowable future you fearlessly remain open to the opportunity to experience the encounter in as much detail as possible?

What could happen from this choice?

…Either your eventual demise at its hands when it grows bored with you or it gets hungry.

…Or possibly direct peaceful interaction with it, resulting in answers to a Mystery that intrigues millions.

The worse that could happen in this scenario?


The best that could happen?

Experiencing the Opportunity of a lifetime.


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