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Website harder than stick structure to build

    Hairless Ones are always boasting that just because your frontal lobe is more prominent than Bigfoot's you are smarter with building stuff... but Bigfoot is always building too.

    ...Rock stacks, tree structures, hunting blinds. Each an artwork of structural engineering and physics.

    And now a new construction... this website, ByBigfoot.com

    Not only is Bigfoot building this structure, BIgfoot is designing T-shirts, poster art and writing blog!

    Here I put my thoughts on stuff and answer questions Hairless Ones might ask of Bigfoot... so shoot (er maybe I should phrase that differently) ...GO AHEAD, ask away and I will do my best to answer...


  • Bigfoot

    Excellent question!
    Like Grizzlies reaching as high as they can to scratch their marks on trees, upside-down tree structures are a demonstration of strength, power and authority over territory. Not all Bigfoots do this. Many of the clans use other methods to claim territory.

  • Darren

    Hey Bigfoot!
    Why do you stick trees upside down in the ground?

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