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Our Purpose

Since the moon first showed her face over the mountains this land has been the home of a multitude of creatures.
The great forests and wide plains have supported all manner of beasts great and small for milenia.
But now, in the blink of an eye this has changed.
Where once forests of trees blanketed the mountains, now stands concrete and steel.
Where once mighty rivers flowed abundant with life, the waters have been contained and their flows strangled with dams of rock and earth.
Wide, nourishing plains of grass no longer sway and dance in time with the seasons... instead oceans of barren rooftops and rivers of Blacktop suffocate the land. 
The immense variety of life forms have gone, to be replaced with barren environments that support only one... the Hairless Ones.
It is true your governments have set aside portions of what there was... where animals must fight each other for limited territory and survival.
This is not enough.... It is time for change.
It is time for the Wild Woods Foundation, a not for profit where those who desire change can assist it to come about.
ALL profits from By Bigfoot go to The Wild Woods Foundation, chartered to purchase land that would otherwise be developed and set it aside forever for the wild things.
Every shirt you buy, every book you read, every video you share helps the Wild Woods Foundation grow, which helps us, the Wild Things of this earth, find a place of sanctuary in the ever expanding exploitation of this world.
We thank you.